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How-To: Set-up New Relic to collect and analyze metrics

Set-up New Relic for Dapr metrics


  • Perpetually free New Relic account, 100 GB/month of free data ingest, 1 free full access user, unlimited free basic users


New Relic offers a Prometheus OpenMetrics Integration.

This document explains how to install it in your cluster, either using a Helm chart (recommended).


  1. Install Helm following the official instructions.

  2. Add the New Relic official Helm chart repository following these instructions

  3. Run the following command to install the New Relic Logging Kubernetes plugin via Helm, replacing the placeholder value YOUR_LICENSE_KEY with your New Relic license key:

    helm install nri-prometheus newrelic/nri-prometheus --set licenseKey=YOUR_LICENSE_KEY

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